My Songs and Others'

by Willy Gantrim



released June 30, 2011



all rights reserved


Willy Gantrim New York, New York

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Track Name: Look Out!
Explosions in your head are just enough to keep you almost dead
The silence of you tongue is just enough to keep your song unsung
The distance that you keep is just enough to keep you just out of reach
The darkness in your eyes is just enough to keep you in your disguise

Welcome to the river
The one they sing about
The waters bring a shiver
And there ain't no one around to pull you out

The fire in your cigarette is just enough to keep you close to your death
The visions that you're searching for are just enough to keep you wanting some more
The innocence of your ears is just enough to keep the sounds so dear
The money that you think you hold is just enough to keep you bought and sold

Welcome to the river
The warnings never came
The waters bring a shiver
And there ain't no one around for you to blame

The soreness of your feet is just enough to make you want to sleep
The coldness of the heat is just enough to freeze the tears you weep
The sorrows in your soul are just enough to make you almost whole
The passing words they may have caught are just a glimpse at something you once thought

Welcome to the river
You're almost to the bed
The waters bring a shiver
And there ain't no one around to see what's in your head
Track Name: A Tender Lovin' Hold
I've seen friends come and go like the leaves that were green in the spring/Then a snow and they blow, and they leave and I wish them better things/down the line where the battle horns ring/in the dawn of metallic whores that sing just to hear each other sing

I've seen battling the night crosses blazing in the blazoned burning fields/just a naked flicking light 'neath a thousand stars commanding it to yield/with a fate of unsacredness all sealed/only thing it can do is flame out in hopes of being healed

I've seen lacking in all words all the sweetness that a memory can hold/like a song that I once heard of the fleetness of two feet helped from the cold/ragged scars, dust, and bloodiness of old/all defined, justified, and purified by a tender loving hold
Track Name: As I Went Out A'Roving
As I went out a'roving, as I went roving free
Spied a fair maid in the captain's arms and swore "my bride to be"
I swore "my bride to be"

Although I have no holdings and work as but a hand
I'll somehow steal her glances and her true love command
And her true love command

Next day I went roving all in my sunday best
I asked her to the dance hall, she swore "you surely jest"
She swore "you surely jest"

I followed her to the captain and stood outside the door
I heard no sound but the kisses fall and I felt doubly poor
I found me doubly poor

I burst in with my saber and silenced every sound
I fled into the cold, dark night, my dreams in blood were drowned
My dreams in blood were drowned

And now the hounds are barking as desperately I flee
And all that I can dream of is that morning I roamed free
That morning I roamed free
Track Name: Ramblin' Man
Song written by Hank Williams, Sr.
Track Name: A Brief Sigh
Winter is coming and I feel like I'm but a disguise
The whole city's cold shrinking me down to size
The windows are fastened, there's a hole in all that I see
They go ever so deep, beneath it all a mystery

Behind me is a phantom, why am I so afraid?
I'm a part of this world, the one she just could not take
I'm looking at the moon, it's shining down through the trees
All these shattered desires, enough to bring me to my knees

I'm leaving in the morning, I've exhausted all of my resources
All my relations are bored and I'm thinking of two white horses
I don't want to go, I wish we could see eye to eye
You treat me like a dog, I guess I'll let the sleeping lie
Track Name: Three Phantoms (A Phantasy)
Wandering alone through the streets of Laredo as the mournful procession left the grave/scurrying on home to the food upon the table without a second thought on being brave/but in that deepened darkness two eyes began a'drifting like a phantom when the hands meet at the top/and through the mystic mist, by the moon that's all a'lifting, and behind the ringing bells there came a knock/two guilty eyes look out, two vengeful eyes look in, two faces met each other at the door/"well, hello, it's me, I'm him. I'd like to come on in. If that's alright with you I'll beg of you no more./See the only thing's I'm cold, and the wolves attack my fold. My son was murdered then he disappeared."/"Well, I'm sorry for your losses, sir. The wind, it surely tosses, sir but strangers aren't allowed inside of here."/Then he went back in the house as quiet as a mouse as in the yard the wolves awaited his commands/but in the night he shook for a cowboy's life he'd took/he could still feel all the blood upon his hands/The drifting shadow faded into the park he waded. The starlit sky was bold above the square/But in the light of morning, with the sound of footsteps forming, two guilty eyes searched for someone who was not there/All the strangers passing by now make faces at the cries of three ghosts wailing in the night/The first one makes some sneer, the second makes some jeer, the third makes some afraid to look in the mirror.
Track Name: Trouble In Mind
The rain falls and you feel it, your head's in such a spin
And everything you've ever owned is left right where you've been
You have no invitations, you have no kind regards
And everyone you've ever loved has hit you pretty hard

Ain't it so unnerving? Seems like such a shame.
The trigger's at your finger but hope impedes your aim
You placed it all on logic and now the math won't add
You came up down and all you found was love you never had

The mail man's in mourning and the bug you squashed has walked
But not before he stole your watch and forced you not to talk
They laugh in ol' Kentucky, they're crying out in Maine
And you're stuck in the middle snorting hula-hoops of pain


A mime knocks at your window his fuzzy buttons black
The red drips down his new white suit from the pen knife in his back
And as you shine your mirror and empty bus explodes
The carburetor hits your head, the papers blame the roads


I saw you in the market place and I hid behind the brambles
You looked so sweet and innocent like Jesus when he gambles
I thought of calling out to you but I knew you couldn't see
And I had not but filth to say and I knew you'd only agree

Track Name: A Million Miles
The streetlights show the empty
The sun will soon come up
These poison thoughts always tempt me
But I must throw that cup
I left my home in Dixie
Seems like so long ago
And I've been looking for something to fix me
I've got a million miles left to go

I'm stranded in a city
The city that never weeps
I've got a pack of smokes that will not quit me
And blood all over my feet
Right now I don't feel too good
But if you'll hold me just like so
I think you just might help to forget if I could
I've got a million miles left to go

The Titanic, it is sinking
But in the quintessential now
I've just been sitting here and I've been thinking
About you and me and how
I'll sing you a song, it ain't very long
But if you'll stay 'til the end I'll know
That I must not be doing everything wrong
With a million miles left to go