Willy Gantrim And The Phantoms Live On WNYU

by Willy Gantrim And The Phantoms



Recorded live September 8th, 2011 on the "Shake 'Em On Down" show, 89.1FM WNYU.


released September 12, 2011

Willy Gantrim on guitar and singing, Frankie Zerilli on Drums.



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Willy Gantrim New York, New York

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Track Name: Trouble In Mind
The rain falls and you feel it, your head's in such a spin
And everything you've ever owned is left right where you've been
You have no invitations, you have no kind regards
And everyone you've ever loved has hit you pretty hard

Chorus: Ain't it so unnerving? Seems like such a shame.
The trigger's at your finger but hope impedes your aim
You placed it all on logic and now the math won't add
You came up down and all you found was love you never had

The mail man's in mourning and the bug you squashed has walked
But not before he stole your watch and forced you not to talk
They laugh in ol' Kentucky, they're crying out in Maine
And you're stuck in the middle snorting hula-hoops of pain


A mime knocks at your window his fuzzy buttons black
The red drips down his new white suit from the pen knife in his back
And as you shine your mirror and empty bus explodes
The carburetor hits your head, the papers blame the roads


I saw you in the market place and I hid behind the brambles
You looked so sweet and innocent like Jesus when he gambles
I thought of calling out to you but I knew you couldn't see
And I had not but filth to say and I knew you'd only agree